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History encapsulated in a 1910s colonial display cabinet with detailed glass panels. #journeyeastvintage #journeyeast #vintage #vintagefurniture #retro #restored (at Journey East)

#gingerjourneyeast models a newly-restored 1960s Lazy Chair + Footrest set. #vintage #journeyeastvintage #retro #journeyeast #industrialstyle #instacat #vintagefurniture (at Journey East)

#Retro bookshelf from the 1950s. #Love how the drawers angle out! #journeyeast #vintagefurniture #journeyeastvintage #vintage #midcenturymodern #igsg (at Journey East)

#journeyeastsale = 20% off all #journeyeastvintage, like this 1920s #teak #artdeco shelf. #vintagefurniture #journeyeast #retro (at Journey East)

Comprising of one-of-a-kind, hand-picked pieces from the 1920s to the 1960s, testament of quality and design of a bygone era.

All our vintage furniture pieces are made from inimitable Indonesian teak and have been lovingly hand-restored by skilled artisans who hail from generations of wood furniture craftsman and restorers.

As with all original vintage furniture, each piece is unique and the collection in our store is constantly being updated.

Get a peak of what we have in store, check out our Facebook album or visit our new website!

Something needs to be said about the colours in this image. Perfectly matched and balanced by the natural light. Journey East carries a range of Vintage Furniture, most are one-off piece too - See more on our new website.

We’ve seen alot of bright rooms with plenty of natural light and clean white finishes. That said, there’s something about a dark and moody atmosphere in a vintage-accented study that sets the tone for a good book.

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The map makes a great plot device. Love the crates too.

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A bridge between the past and present with eclectic modern finishes in a retro 1950s styling. More from the designer Timothy Oulton here.

Check out our Vintage & Retro Board for more inspiration!

Old meets new - an original Vintage low teak console from the 1920s, paired with a mixed media chihuahua painting. #vintagefurniture #affordableart #journeyeast (at Journey East)

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