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Leftover fabric is #upcycled to form the charming patchwork #design on the ‘Oasis’ sofa. #reducereuserecycle #journeyeast #ecochic #interior #decor #homedecor #furniture (at Journey East)

A #rustic #diningtable #upcycled from a #reclaimed Elm wood door, paired with ‘Duke’ velvet sidechairs. #journeyeast #luxe #ecofriendly #homedecor #interior (at Journey East)

#dbodhi Tubeline TV console - #recycled #teak #wood and #upcycled galvanized pipes. #industrialstyle #furniture #interiordecor #homedecor #journeyeast (at Journey East)

New arrival to #journeyeast - touch-sensitive lamps from designer Jonas Merian, built from #upcycled #vintage biscuit tins. #jonasdesign #jonasmerian #design #decor #homedecor #igsg #votd #ecofriendly (at Journey East)

Sometimes, you’re in the mood for redecorating the house. It could be useful to have a shelf that was decisively built with indecisiveness (and the environment) in mind.

We’ve got lots of shelving and storage solutions built with recycled teak wood. for your home. Check out our online catalogue and more at our store.

Building a DIY pot & pan pinboard? A problem some people have when hanging up their pots and pans (for display or to dry off) is they tend to lose the positions once they’re taken down. Here’s an idea: draw outlines of where they were hanging, you’ll never mix them up again!

With galvanised steel frames and recycled teak wood, the dBodhi dining sets make great meeting tables and creative workspaces too. See the full range on our new website and learn more -

The dBodhi Kasting Console / Dresser. We’ve got a special deal for TV Consoles coming up in October! Stay tuned. Be privy to our latest promotions and offers, sign up for our mailing list at

Available at Journey East, check out our new website here!

Mamagreen is a range of stylish designer furniture and homeware. We classify Mamagreen as mainly outdoor furniture because of it’s durable materials of excellent design and construction, however with the ever-changing definitions of what indoor and outdoor spaces should look like, Mamagreen’s recycled Teak pieces are finding their way into more and more indoor spaces.

Available at Journey East. See more of Mamagreen on our new website - and at our store.

d-Bodhi’s reclaimed wood furniture are largely made from recycled teak. Upcycled teak wood furniture for a guilt-free, sustainable interior.

See more collections of reclaimed wood furniture on the Journey East website.

Ferrum table in recycled timber from d-Bodhi.
Available from

Ferrum table in recycled timber from d-Bodhi.

Available from

Tube tables your thing? We carry a whole range of recycled wood tables with galvanized pipe legs/frame. Check out our full collection from d-Bodhi on our new website

Clean sheets and a raw bedside table with drawers.

Looking for something for the bedroom? Check out our reclaimed teak wood bedroom furniture on our new website.

Mixing the Eames with a wood dining table, set on a raw concrete floor against raw bricks.

If you liked these styles, Journey East offers a variety of reclaimed wood dining tables and chairs. Check out our new website.

The d-Bodhi Lignum Collection with recycled teak wood takes its inspiration from the symbolic meaning of the wood element: renewal, growth and creative energies. zLocked together end pieces of well-worn Javanese benches, called dingklik, form the eye-catching patchwork effect on the furniture tops. Matte grey, brushed iron legs give structural support and combine beautifully with the warm wood tones.

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