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Vegetable patches not your thing? We can think of some other ways to reuse shipping pallets. A great DIY idea to make your own shelves.

Using shipping pallets to raise vegetable beds. Here’s a great little idea if you’ve got a backyard that’s itching to have something grown!

For more eco ideas and sustainable inspiration follow our Eco Enchanting board on Pinterest.

Everyone wants to save as much energy as they can and go green these days with sustainability being a big buzzword. Freshome looks at 10 mistakes to avoid when planning for a green home.

The d-Blue collection by d-Bodhi, made from recycled denim, in RENOVATE 2013. Available soon at

5 tips for buying eco-friendly furniture

We think it is good news the green movement is gaining more prominence worldwide, and that consumers are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of the products they choose. 

At the same time, the rising trend also means that a lot more brands and products are jumping on the ‘eco-friendly’ bandwagon, furniture included. With so many options available today (and after many queries from our customers), here is our take on what to look out for when considering eco-friendly furniture for your home:

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