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Using beams as shelving and creating soft touchpoints with the counter.

The d-Bodhi Lignum Collection with recycled teak wood takes its inspiration from the symbolic meaning of the wood element: renewal, growth and creative energies. zLocked together end pieces of well-worn Javanese benches, called dingklik, form the eye-catching patchwork effect on the furniture tops. Matte grey, brushed iron legs give structural support and combine beautifully with the warm wood tones.

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The d-Bodhi Fissure Dining Table in a great composition of recycled wood. Available at -

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d-Bodhi Ferum Table - Available at

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This image by photographer Paul Raeside with a distressed wall and painted furniture is quite reminiscent of our new dBodhi “Touch” Collection made entirely out of recycled wood.

Check out the dBodhi Touch Collection here, available soon at Journey East.

#Recycled boat wood in the sun, as it would have been years ago sailing the open seas. #reclaimedwoodfurniture #dbodhi #diningtable #journeyeast #rustic (at Journey East)

Furniture for the small spaces - the #dbodhi Loft collection (#diningtable #chair #reclaimedwoodfurniture #journeyeast ) (at Journey East)

Close-up view of the grain of beautiful reclaimed teak wood - an effect only Nature can achieve. #mamagreen #reclaimedwoodfurniture #outdoorfurniture #journeyeast (at Journey East)

#reclaimedwoodfurniture #dbodhi #industrial #journeyeast #showroom (at Journey East)

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